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Business cards

Business cards are the key tool for your business in order to share your personal and business information with the customers and other people or any company.Business card is the first coming promotional item, when you hand over a busniess to your customer it lefts a deep impact on them.Therefore it needs to be designed and printed with quality measures.A wrong decision may loose an oppertunity. Our team of professionals are available for online printing services. We use the blend of the modern printing techniques in order to get the satisfaction of the customers. DTP World deals with all kind of custom business cards, full color busniess cards, die-cut embossed business cards, spot U.V business cards are some of our promotional items.

Calendars Printing

Inspite of using modern electric techniques people still loves to go with the old fashion way. Calenders printing is the cheapest way to promote your business, They presents your business identity all your long. People use to hang or display in their home and offices. Calenders are sub-catagorized into Business Card Calenders, Poster Calenders, Desk Calenders and Wall Calenders etc. We deal with all kind of custom calenders printing.


In this modern era when one can easily send emails and documents via fax machines still we cannot neglect the significance of mailing envelopes. In order to maintain business or company reputation official envelopes proves themselves the best promotional item as you can send your business messages, annual events details and product details to your valued customers. While mailing your official envelopes you need to be very much consious about the design and the company message of your envelope because first impression about your company is your company's envelopes. We use best quality stock and the printing method to print your custom envelopes.