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Rack Cards Printing

Rack Cards is the best promotional items whether you are related with Hotels, Bars, Clubs or Banks. A Rack Card can be printed double sided or one side as per your requirment. Standard sizes of Rack Cards are 3.5"x 8.5" and 4"x 9". Full Color Rack Cards are always proves themselves a point of attention to the customer. For the Best Quality Rack Cards we are offering you full color Prinitng on a price much lesser than one color or two color rack cards, So don't waste money on one or two color Rack Cards.

Stickers Printing

Sticker printing services there is a large variety of Stickers and are used for all kind of advertisements. They are made for everyone and the most cheapest, easiest and authentic way for the prmotions of a brand, logo, message or special discounts. The use of online sticker printing is very simple you just need to peel off and place it anywhere you want. Mainly Stickers are divided into two catagories due to the difference of the stock used in it. Paper Stickers Vinyl Stickers Paper Stickers are mainly used indoor use where as Vinyl Stickers are used mainly for outdoor use. We use the best printing inks and the stock to giveyou the best Quality printing. We promise to give you the best results as we dont compromise quality and turnaround time.

Table Tents Printing

Table tents is a unique way of marketing and promotion it gives a beautiful impact on the customers, They are mostly seen in the well reputed Hotels and restaurants as a menu cards placed at the centre of the tables. In this manner they are advertising your promotions and food items. There is a large variety of Table Tents like restaurant table tents, wedding table tent, meeting table tents, upcoming tradeshow table tents etc. DTP World is offering you full color table tents printing at very low rates and our team of professionals are 24/7 available to fullfil your all kind of requirements you are one click away from us.